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Lamar Lighting- 50KW BIPV Photovoltaic System

Lamar Lighting a local manufacturer of energy efficient lighting wanted to install a photovoltaic system at their headquarters in Farmingdale. An engineering study of the building determined the weight of a traditional crystalline system could not be supported.  Statewide was able to step in and provide Lamar with a lightweight “Thin Film” Solar solution. The area underneath the system was re-roofed with a tapered insulation system to provide effective water drainage for the panels. Uni-Solar Modules were then adhered directly to Johns Manville EPDM. Lamar was able to go green, re-roof a section of their building, and increase their existing roof drainage. The job was completed and connected to LIPA without any costly structural improvements to the building.

Posted August 21st, 2012 in Recent News.